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SUPERFLOW is a cement based, self-smoothing, decorative screed available in a wide range of colours. The system is designed to produce a hard wearing and seamless decorative floor surface suitable for light commercial and residential interior applications. The surface can be subjected to light foot traffic after four hours, depending on application thickness and ambient conditions. The floor can be subjected to full service conditions after approximately 30 hours, temperature dependent.

SuperFlow is for interior applications only, the product is self-smoothing, sets rapidly and is shrinkage compensated, allowing for fast track installation.  It is also casein and protein free and provides a seamless finish that is easy to clean.

A high-quality penetrating wax sealer is then applied in two stages. The wax sealer penetrates the concrete and therefore does not create a synthetic look but rather leaves the concrete with a natural finish.

Tests conducted by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) show that the product has a compressive strength in excess of 25MPa and gives customers confidence that they are getting a state of the art product.

Application of SuperFlow should only be carried out by experienced and trained contractors only.

We are professionally trained and licensed applicators.

FUSIBLE Flooring

FUSIBLE™ Flooring is a unique product capable of producing custom one of a kind look floors. Our epoxy is mixed with custom metal additives to create a floor that is as durable as it is beautiful.

When mixed with the epoxy, the metallic additive drifts to create a marbled semi-transparent look similar to traditional acid stains.

Designed for use on old or new concrete in both prestigious commercial projects and intimate residential spaces, Fusible Floor’s unlimited design capabilities transform ordinary concrete into a limitless palette of colour and design.

Fusible Floor is perfect for Garages, Showrooms, Restaurants, Shopping Centres, Plazas, Hotel Entryways, Lobbies, Foyers, Living Rooms, Kitchens, and many more.

We are professionally trained and licensed applicators.

Remodeling and General Construction

CORNA2CORNA Construction embraces a number of highly qualified Builders (brick layers and plasterers), Screeders, Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, Professional painters and Skimmers.

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