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PLAYSaFE Rubber Flooring

PLAYSAFE ™ is a seamless safety and performance flooring system specializing in Playground, Athletic track, Aquatic Park and Water Area Safety.                       

Southern Africa is one of the very few countries in the world that has not enforced the safety legislation regarding safety flooring in playgrounds, parks, crèches and water theme parks, but those days are numbered as the SANS 51177 legislation is currently in Parliament to implement flooring safety regulations in these areas.

PLAYSaFE ™ specialising in safety and performance flooring for children’s playgrounds, Sports tracks, artificial turf grounds and Aquatic water parks including general water areas, was formed under the banner of seamless flooring systems and is a sister brand to Quartz Carpet.

We are professionally trained and licensed applicators and proud to be associated with Seamless Flooring Systems.

Every child and adult deserves the right to PLAYSaFE ™.

Seamless Stone Flooring

Quartz Carpet ® is a unique seamless stone flooring system. This timeless interior and exterior flooring system is available in 36 colours. The glacial stone used in this beautiful flooring system is exceedingly durable. The roundness of the quartz stones created by being tumbled down glacial rivers over millions of years gives this product a smooth sensation underfoot.

Quartz Carpet ® is available in 36 colours and three aggregate sizes.

Quartz Carpet® Fine Grain Stone Flooring is the exciting new addition to the Seamless Flooring Systems Range. It is a smooth stone flooring system, available in 12 trendy colours.

The stone used in this system is comprised of three carefully selected aggregate sizes, giving the floor a dappled appearance, creating extra allure and aesthetic appeal. Although seamless, it will not crack or craze and will not fade in the sun as it is 100% UV stable. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, is non-slip and extremely durable.